Thursday, September 3, 2009


There are wolves in sheep's clothing all around...

people who act sweet as pie who actually speak lies that are full of deceit
advertisements that bring false promises, promises that never yield
products that aren't what they claim, but are complete falsehood

They're all around us, these frauds and liars that present in all sorts of forms. Wolves in sheep's clothing that need to be exposed. The latest wolf to be unfleeced is SIGG. I'm so disappointed about this news. Not too long ago I wrote a blog entry about the SIGG bottles our family each had and how wonderful I thought they were. I had chosen to use SIGG bottles for two reasons:
1. to help our mother earth, keeping disposable water bottles out of our landfills
2. to help ourselves, by keeping away from BPA toxins leached through plastics

Although it did help us meet reason number 1. With the use of our SIGG bottles, we stopped buying bottled water so that we no longer contributed these to our landfills.
Most disappointing is to find out the liners in these bottles actually contain BPA, a harmful toxin that leaches into our drinks. They had previously advertised their linings had a secret ingredient, what they failed to tell us was that this secret ingredient was actually BPA. Apparently, they have now developed a new liner for their bottles that no longer contain BPA and are offering to exchange your old bottles for these new ones. What I would really like is a refund as I am angered by their deceit. But of course, they are not offering refunds.

From what I've read, the safest bottles to purchase are those that are stainless steel such as, Klean Kanteen. Make the switch for your health and our planet's health. And let's keep exposing those wolves out there, for our personal good, our families well being, and the greater good of humanity.


  1. Crocodile Creek sells stainless steel water bottles too, they are like the Siggs in that they have pictures on the outside, but you get a stainless interior and a BPA free plastic cap. I saw them at Crackerjacks, there's one that matches Aidan's planet lunch bag:

  2. gonna have to get Aidan one of those!



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