Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Step Toward Living Green: Recycled Foil

Our household is taking steps towards making life "greener". Our most recent step is using recycled foil. Although we try to keep our aluminum foil use to a minimum there are times I just can't get away from it. So, when I absolutely have to use foil what better way than to use recycled foil.

Maybe you knew about this already, but it was to my surprise when it was time to restock our foil that Reynolds had come out with this great product, 100% recycled aluminum foil. My first thought was, "yuck recycled foil in my kitchen?" But it's not yuck at all. According to Reynolds, the process of recycling the aluminum requires being melted down in a heat greater than 1200'F and is then run through a filtration system, resulting in all yucky debris being burnt off and filtered. "Is it as good as the regular stuff", you ask. Well, I used it and can attest to it's strength being just the same. If I didn't have the box in front of me to tell me it was recycled, I wouldn't have known the difference. As for the cost, it's just a bit more than "virgin aluminum", and well worth it. Don't be fooled, Target has virgin and recycled foil listed at the same price but the recycled foil has just a bit less square footage. I also noticed there are several coupons and rebates on line for some great savings on your next roll of Reynolds 100% recycled foil. Why not take advantage of these savings while helping out our earth. I applaud Reynolds for "going green".

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