Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time To Think About Halloween Costumes

If you love Halloween the way I do, around this time you start thinking about costumes. I've been thinking about what the boys are going to be for Halloween this year. Am I going to make them? Or am I going to buy them? In the past years I've done both, I've made some and bought some. Some have been successes and others not. It's disappointing when one of my boys doesn't want to wear their costume. Even more disappointing is when you slave over a costume and are thrilled by your handiwork, to later have it thrust at you, tears running down their face. Oh what heart break. Last year Liam had a melt down and refused to take part in any costume wearing. Boy was I thankful I hadn't made that costume, instead I had bought it at a 75% after Halloween sale the year before. So, as I think about what it is I'm going to do, to purchase? to make? and what it is they're going to be, here's a recap of the past years.......

Aidan 2 months old, baby chick, newly hatched.

Then there was this Lil' Mighty Viking (Aidan 14months), I made this one.

The year I was pregnant with the twins and on bed rest, we had to opt for an easy solution. The Dragon Sleeper, always a great option. Dual use, costume and jammy, gotta love that!

In 2007, it was all about the ocean... I made these costumes. Aidan loved it, the twins were not having it.

We had a starfish (Aidan had insisted he wanted to be a starfish that year)

One grumpy shark

And a lost Octopus who just couldn't find his way.

In 2008 we hit the jungle... This year they wore costumes I had purchased at deep discounts during after Halloween sale the year before.

A gallant zebra

The cutest monkey you ever did see.

And a fainthearted lion who wanted nothing to do with Halloween.

As I'm still mulling over what they'll be this year, I'd really like to ask them what they want to be but fear what they might come up with. Really I could hear it now, I want to be Thomas the train (Aidan), oh me, me, me, Percy (Miles with his mild stutter), a BULL DOZER, MAMA! (Liam shouting as usual). Well, I do hope the photos help you come up with some ideas. I enjoyed reminiscing.


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  2. How funny.!! Thanks for sharing the recap.. It seems that you always enjoy Halloween. That #2 costume is my favorite. I am too very excite for Halloween and planned to buy cute costumes from Costume Kingdom.



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