Monday, September 28, 2009

Fun Times at Gilroy Gardens

Sunday I took the boys to Gilroy Gardens with friends, we were 3 sets of twins plus 2 older boys. There's always an element of risk for meltdowns and upsets with that many young kids on an outing, but it was surprisingly successful. The kids had a fabulous time and although the adults were a bit worn by the end of the outing, I think it's safe to say we all had a good time too.

This park is geared towards young kids, but there were a couple of rides the bigger kids (meaning me) got to ride and really enjoy. There was loads of fun, firetrucks, race cars, spinning saucers plus lots more.... I'm postive it must have hit triple digit weather and although we were all pretty hot, that didn't spoil the fun since there was water play there too that helped with a little cool down.

Aidan rode his first roller coaster. He had mixed feelings about it. He really enjoyed it the first time, asked to ride it one more time, so we did. The second time around he said during the ride while looking a bit ashen, "mommy the ride is making my tummy hurt" I thought for sure he was going to vomit. Thankfully he pulled through.

They even had a small farm area where Miles got to have a pony ride. Aidan I think was too old for that and Liam wanted nothing to do with the ponies. Miles being the animal lover that he is, absolutely enjoyed this. I really got a kick out of watching him.

Although a bit expensive, all in all, I give Gilroy Gardens a thumbs up. Would definitely take the boys back again soon, before Aidan is too old to enjoy it. This park really is geared towards younger kids, my opinion would be for 5- 6 yrs old and under. The grounds are beautiful, there are lots of rides and attractions to be enjoyed. We were there the entire day and still didn't make it through all the rides and attractions.

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