Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Silver Fish Swimming

Yay, Aidan is now a "Silver Fish" meaning he's graduated to level 3 out of nine levels in his swim class. He loves going to swim class and we're cheering him on to keep up the good work.

Miles also loves swimming and you can spot his big smile in the water a mile away. He looks like he's having so much fun in there, makes me want to jump in and join him (but I won't of course).

Liam on the other hand takes a little encouragement to get in the water and has had to go in several times "as a pass" meaning one coach passes him in to another in the pool while he struggles, kicking and screaming...not really pleasant at all. He's even had to go in with his shirt on since he's refused to let anyone take it off. He's warming up to the idea of swimming, each time the struggle is just a bit shorter and this last time he was even seen playing with some of the water toys versus clinging onto the platform for his dear little life.

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