Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do A Dot- An Art Favorite

Since we've had several days of rain and the kids have been home bound due to illness for the past 4 days, we've been exploring and re-exploring some art favorites (in a desperate attempt to keep the kids entertained while keeping my sanity). After some games of bingo, story time, and Lego's, I began to dig through the pantry shelves I have designated for kids crafts. Playdoh, no...I'm sorry but I get grossed out when kids play with playdoh while they have snotty runny noses. I just imagine all those germs getting rolled up in the playdoh and it just makes me want to wretch. Floam, no for the same reason, then behind those what did I discover or actually rediscover? These great Do-A-Dot-Arts, a gift from grandma awhile back. I remember they were a hit when we first got them and continued to be a hit today. I was so happy to have these today and so where the boys. These come in a variety of colors, we happen to have the "Shimmers" set. I pulled out our roll of butcher paper and we began to have some fun...I think we'll be saving this paper for gift wrapping, just one more way of reusing something in our attempt to living a greener life. I love it when something old becomes new fun again.

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