Monday, January 25, 2010

Pink Eye Now - Are You Serious!?

The boys now have pink eye, officially known as conjunctivitis, along with a new set of colds. Yes, I'm serious, they're sick again. It's like a long running bad joke. The boys have literally been sick since they started preschool in November with just a few scattered days within where they were ailment free. It's so frustrating and lets not forget exhausting too. Not only is there lost sleep, extra loads of laundry, and trips to the doctors but there's the psychological torment that comes with it too. The "oh no, please don't let me catch it" anxiety, the "I'm just out of TLC" guilt, the "we cant see our friends again" isolation, and the "I just don't understand why you're sick again" melancholy bordering depression. Let's hope they recover from this soon.

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