Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some New Fun

We've got some new fun in the house. The boys got a new game that I was a little wary about at first. I've struggled finding games both suitable for 3 yr olds that will still hold my 5 yr olds interest. We've tried several games that have ended up in tears or time outs. So, when we got this new Boggle Jr. I thought "here we go again". I was pleasantly surprised, when everyone enjoyed it. Although the spelling part is a bit easy for Aidan, he really likes rolling the dice for letters. As for the twins, they had the challenge of identifying letters and they too enjoyed rolling the die. Instead of tears, we had smiles and squeals making this game a hit. Yay!

My boys have also very much enjoyed playing with their new Melissa & Doug Wooden Rescue Vehicle set. So much so that Miles insisted on sleeping with one of them.

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