Thursday, August 6, 2009

Quench it with a SIGG

"We believe that the invention of bottled water is about as smart as the Hummer. Did you know that 86% of plastic water bottles wind up as trash that takes over 1,000 years to biodegrade? Even if you're not ready to lay out big bucks for a hybrid car or solar panels, this one is a no-brainer – get a SIGG... we think it's the best reusable bottle on the market!" Jen Boulden (Leading voice in "living green", Co-founder of, MBA in Environmental Policy and Management)

I've always struggled to get my boys to drink water, and have had to battle this many ways, most unsuccessful. I've given them watered down juice 1:4 ratio basically a bit of flavored water. I tried all kinds of sippy cups and straws to make drinking water fun. And of course, the never ending nagging, "Drink your water, drink your water, on and on... I bought these SIGG bottles early on, as one more step to "living green" and steering away from leaching plastics. The great thing is they've now become a hit with my kids and are drinking water, yay! The twins will ask "Where's my airplane?" When they first started this it was a puzzle to me, "what are they asking for, what airplane?" When I finally figured it out, I was thrilled to get it to them as quickly as possible and encourage them to drink the H2O!!

Our entire family drinks from SIGG bottles, we each have our own personal bottle. That's what's so great about these, there are so many designs to choose from. There's one for everybody. There's other brands out there too, like the Kleen Kanteen, personally I like the SIGG. Which ever you choose, save our planet and your health, make the switch from plastics.

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