Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Day Best Forgotten

Today was one of those days you wish really never happened, maybe it was just a bad dream. Don't I wish...
It started just as I predicted with every muscle in my body aching from yesterday's long overdue workout. Adding salt to the wound was my exhaustion as a result of Liam getting up 3 times last night. I really much would have rather stayed under the covers but of course duty calls, a mommy's work never ends. So I did the usual routine of getting everyone fed and dressed for the day. Took Aidan to preschool. Our morning play date had been canceled so the twins and I didn't have much going on. We spent the morning reading and playing. After lunch I put them down for a nap, so I thought, and decided to go back to the garage/my hopefully soon to be studio to organize some stuff. Well what I didn't know was that while I was out there sorting, the boys were inside emptying out their armoire of clothes and taking all their books off the shelf and made a giant pile in the center of the room. Trying to be optimistic about this, the good that came from it was it lead me to sorting out some books that they were done with and clothing they'd outgrown. Although, I'd been planning on doing this, really not under these circumstances.

So I'm sure many of you are thinking, "OK so the kids made a mess and it actually led to a productive activity of purging, that's not so bad."

Hold on, the day gets worse. The twins and I pick up Aidan to take him to swim class. On our way to class while getting ready to go through a tunnel we get squished by a big rig. we were both merging to go into the tunnel me being on the inside lane, I was right at his cab about half a length of our van ahead of him when I realize he doesn't see me and he's merging over into us. I pull over as far to the left as possible and come to a dead stop since the tunnel was narrowing and there was no way I was going to try to gun it ahead of him in my minivan. Sure the Odyssey handles well but come on, there's a limit. So I stop, hoping he'll continue to merge in front of us. Just as I thought we were in the clear, his back end smashes right into us, smashing the passenger side. The twins slept right through it. Amazing, Liam who wakes up when we pop our head into his room to see if he's asleep, sleeps right through a car accident. Miles I'm not surprised, as a matter of fact, it confirms my belief that he'll probably sleep through any natural disaster. Aidan and I were shaken up, and I thought we were both upset about the accident, it actually turns out Aidan is upset because he's realizing he's going to miss swim class. Ridiculous, huh? Not only am I dealing with the logistics of an accident, I'm now dealing with a soon to be 5 yr old in a full fledged tantrum over his missed swim class. If this were all really just a dream, it would be a nightmare or dare I say night terror. Today was a day best forgotten,

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