Sunday, August 2, 2009

It Was a Double Fun Picnic

Lot's of fun to be had at the Annual Twins By The Bay (TBB) summer picnic. This year it was held at a new park as the old location was under construction. Although we wished it was a warmer day, Max and I agreed we liked this location much better. Park has a gorgeous redwood grove, nice grassy area and a great enclosed playground. Despite the weather, the event was well attended (150 registered) and lots of new babies were there. It's so nice to see new twin families getting out, I think the youngest in attendance, at least the ones I met were 6 weeks old.
There were hot dogs and hamburgers, an assortment of drinks, and ice cream. Attendees brought side dishes and desserts, all in all there was lots of yummy food to be had. Max and I both alternated helping with the grill while the kids had a fabulous time playing. Miles and Liam loved exploring the new playground, as I'd never brought them to this park before. Aidan had a grand ol' time playing with his pals Parker and Lincoln. He also had fun with some organized activities too, parachute play and water balloons but I have to say the blue push cars were the all time hit of the day. Congrats to TBB for a splendid annual summer picnic!

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