Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mac N' Cheese and Dinosaurs: A Discussion on Phases

Phase in, phase out, and sometimes phase back in... from foods to toys. I'm always excited when I find something the boys like to eat, yes something to add to the list. The only problem is, I never know if this is just a phase, will it come and go. There are certain foods that make the "A" list and seem to be permanent, like pizza and pancakes. Then there is others that phase in then phase out..the latest to make this list is Mac N'Cheese. I had found a recipe in Everyday Food that the kids really liked and I did too. It was this recipe called Southern Mac and Cheese, that used eggs and cheese to create sort of a custard. The best part was that it was also pretty easy to make. So I've made this several times and they've always eaten it up until tonight. Was it the broccoli I tried to slip in it this time? Always trying to find a way to get those veges in. Or is this truly a phase out item? The twins didn't want it at all, Aidan ate it but wasn't excited about it and made me pick out the broccoli, followed by 20 questions regarding why I would contaminate mac and cheese with a vege. I guess I won't be making mac and cheese for awhile now because it's always disappointing when you make something and your kids don't eat. However, it is a great recipe you might want to try it, it just might make your kids "A" list.

Just as foods phase, toys do too. Even the trains seem to be slowing down, I wouldn't say they're phasing out (don't imagine that will ever happen, it's an obsession) but they're just competing with other interests. We've gone through cars, cooking toys, puzzles, back to cars and now it's this dinosaur. This dinosaur has been in our house for a year now. When it first arrived there was some interest in it for a bit then it was forgotten. Lucky for "Dino" it's on the hot list again, even Jeremy (our cat) has begun to take interest. Of course, just as I was beginning to consider it was time to pass it on to someone new.

Life comes in phases, some predictable and others unpredictable. We just go with the flow and it all seem to keep us happy.

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  1. I steam cauliflower, puree it, and then freeze it in 1/2 cup portions to toss into mac n cheese. Since it's pureed and the same color as cheese, they can't see it. There's a faint taste of it but so far they haven't complained.



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