Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Sweet Thing to Share

Aidan has been a bit more challenging these days, small lies to stay out trouble, teasing his brothers, and just a bit of defiance that can be really annoying. I know he's finding his independence and realizing he's the older brother, testing the waters as to just how much can he get away with. Despite all this, he's also very sweet. He brought a smile to my face tonight with this conversation:

Aidan, naked out of the shower
Me: Come here string bean so we can get your jammie jams on.
Aidan: Did you call me string bean.
Me: Yes, look how thin you are, like a string bean.
Aidan: Well you are a sugar plum berry.
Me: What?
Aidan: Yeah, you are a sweet sugar plum berry.
Me: Thanks Aidan, that makes me happy.

So I'll take that as a compliment from my Aidan...he thinks his mommy is sweet.

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