Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Happy Easter Weekend

It was a nice Easter weekend here at the Rocha residence. The boy's Uncle Jess and Abuelito (my brother and dad) came over Sat afternoon and stayed the night. We haven't seen abuelito in over a year now, so it was nice to see the boys spend time with him. Miles had no hesitation in going over and sitting in his lap as soon as he arrived, it sure was a sweet sight. And as usual, Uncle Jess showed up with arms full of toys, a bulldozer wagon to ride, a motorcycle, a golf set and rocket baseball set. Jess being as sporty as he is, buys them toys I would never think of getting them, and of course they are always thrilled.

Max and I made a nice dinner Sat (halibut and artichoke hearts in a saffron broth, chicken and bellpepper saute, mashed potatoes, sauted spinach, and a parmasean flat bread. Dinner was followed by egg decorating for the Easter Bunny and then time for bed for the boys. The adults stayed up late just having good conversation while Abuelito reminisced down memory lane.

Easter, Liam was the first to find the easter basket and of course quickly found the chocolate bunny in his basket. The basket was mostly toys but I felt compelled to add a chocolate bunny ( what's an easter basket without a chocolate bunny?) so I picked up some small dove chocolate bunnies. And, instead of fighting the boys over waiting til after breakfast to eat their bunnies, I just let them go at it.....sure was a very special treat for them.

Easter was spent hanging out playing with the new bubbles, and toys. Sorry to say, mommy did not get it together to have an easter egg hunt. Aidan and I walked over to the neighbors to deliver easter presents, an orchid for Auntie Fran, Jelley Beans for the Cody-Carisses and candies for Becca. Max grilled some yummy ribeye steaks that we served with grilled mushrooms, green salad and a loaf of french bread. It was a very simple but satisfying meal. All in all, it was a very low key but pleasure filled weekend.

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