Friday, April 17, 2009

Part Of The Family

Our family includes two kitty cats, one of which the boys seem to grow fonder of everyday. Jeremy our black and white kitty, he's almost like having a dog. He likes to be rough housed on, and keeps coming back for more. Somtimes he'll follow you around the house from room to room as if he were keeping you company. Nicest of all, is that he goes to bed everynight with Aidan. Aidan gets read to every night before bed and Jeremy joins him in bed during this time. Later when I peek in the room to make sure Aidan is ok, I'll often find Jeremy curled up on the bed with him. It sure is the sweetest site. There's been times when I've overheard Aidan telling Jeremy, "I love you, Jeremy" Liam and Miles are also fond of Jeremy, they play and tug on him and somtimes just sit with him. Liam loves to help brush him. So he really is part of the family.

What saddens me, is that Miles is having allergy problems (so we think). I'll be taking him in next week for allergy testing. It may very well be that he is allergic to the cats, or I may just be jumping the gun here. Regardless, I can't help but worry about the possibility. What will we do if this happens? Will we make the kitties outdoor kitties. I know Jeremy would love to be outdoors. I worry about the racoons and other wildlife, anything could happen to our kitties. The idea of having to find new homes for them is heartbreaking. We'll just have to wait and see.

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