Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baking, Games, and Play-Doh

The days have been a bit long here since we've been homebound with Aidan recovering from pnuemonia. The past couple of days we've read lots of books including some I Spy's which Aidan really enjoys, watched Thomas and the Magic Railroad and have played lots of trains. Today Max decided to take the twins out to play and have lunch while I stayed home with Aidan. No sense in having 3 stir crazy kids at home.

Aidan watched a little more Thomas while I baked this fabulous Ba-Ba Banana Bread from Real Food for Healthy Kids. Thanks to Leslie, who shared this recipe with us. The boys just love it and it's healthy too, made with wheat flour. Since this recipe is such a hit, I'm thinking of buying this cookbook for more wholesome kid friendly recipes.

After baking Aidan and I played some games including Word Dominoes. If you don't have this game it's a must have for your 4-7 yr olds. It's fun and gets your kids spelling 3 and 4 letter words. We played several rounds before I sent Aidan to take a nap. Honestly, he really did not want to stop playing. An educational game that is that much fun, in my book is a winner.

Nap time was over, Liam and Miles were now home. Aidan joined them in a little Play-Doh Play. It's so nice to see them enjoy in the same activities and makes it a little easier on mommy and daddy. Now if they'd all learn to clean up, I'd be thrilled. This is an area we need to focus some more energy on. They do help, just not consistently and it takes lots of encouragement to complete the tasks.

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