Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Lessons Are Hard To Teach

Some lessons in life are hard to teach, and we all know some folks who just never got them. How do I teach my children to be humble, to have integrity, and believe in themselves? How do I teach them that they don't need the acceptance or approval of others to build their self esteem nor to give them the drive to succeed? That ambition and motivation should come from within. Do what you want and who cares what others think. And how lying is not only unacceptable but unattractive. Especially the kind of lying that is done to impress others.

Right now, the twins, age 2, seem a little young to understand all this, but Aidan who is 4 1/2 now is really starting to tread in this area. At this age, the lying is small right now. They are the kind of lies that are told to stay out of trouble. "No mommy, I don't know why my little brother is crying." What I'm concerned about is the bigger lies that may come later. The kind of lies that are told to impress others and increase a need for self importance. These kinds of lies are not only laughable but really demonstrate lack of integrity. How do I make my young child understand that if you lie like this, at some point you are no longer trustworthy, you will not be taken serious and you may also lose friendships.

Aidan is an intelligent, gentle soul who is also extremely shy. He is accepted by his peers for the most part, but what I've also observed is he participates in play/activities with others to be part of the group when I know he would never play that on his own. How do I make him understand that he just needs to be himself and do what he likes and others will join. What I really want him to do as I want all my children to do, is to march to the beat of his own drum and be proud of it!

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