Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What We Like Wednesdays: Coloring Fun For Easter

The boys love to color...because of this, I make sure to keep plenty of crayons, paper, and coloring books in the house. There's lots to be learned from coloring. Despite some arguments against it, my background in occupational therapy leads me to believe coloring encourages cognitive development including creativity, as well as physical functional development. I observe this in my kids when they color. I'm able to see their differences in attention and focus as well as their coordination, grip and endurance. These are all important skills for handwriting readiness. So as long as they're interested in coloring, I encourage and indulge them in this favored past time.

We recently enjoyed coloring these great Easter coloring pages I came across over at "make and takes" fabulous blog. So, if your looking for some great Easter activities and you want to encourage your child's development, check them out. Oh and did I mention they were free!

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