Sunday, March 21, 2010

We're Ready For a "Food Revolution"

I watched the premiere to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. It was sad to see what is going on here in the U.S. surprise, but sad. Although it was reaffirming that my family is doing ok, it was a nice reminder how important it is to teach our kids good eating habits. It's so very easy to fall into the trap of fast convenient food when your on the go. Even easier is to fall into this trap and believe you're feeding your kids well, as a result of all the trappings of misleading advertisements and marketing. For the most part, I prepare fresh nutritious meals because I enjoy cooking. However, I do find myself looking for the quick fix every Wednesday, our busiest day of the week, a frozen pizza, hot dogs with mac and cheese etc. etc. When I do this, I find myself justifying it to myself " well it is a kosher dog, tomorrow I'll make a healthy meal" and so forth. If I would just organize myself I could prepare something earlier that day, a casserole of some sort and have it ready to toss in the oven as soon as we get home..that would be just as easy as a frozen pizza.

Although we do struggle with getting the kids to eat veggies, we keep offering them at the table and hope in time that they will follow our example, and start making the right food choices. I see this happening already. Most recently, Miles has begun to eat the carrots, peas, and corn that I've been putting out consistently. So he's 3 1/2 now, it's taken some time, right? But that's ok, as long as the choice is there. Hopefully the others will follow along soon.

So really for me, the poor food choices are as a result of the time factor. I should be able to take care of this with a little organization, planning and prep work. The "food revolution" has gotten me, I'm ready to make the change and make sure my kids eat well everyday including Wednesdays. Are you ready for the "Food Revolution"?

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