Thursday, June 18, 2009

Name That Tune

Aidan has a real ear for music, it sometimes amazes me. This morning he wanted to listen to Bob Marley on the way to preschool. So we did, and on our way he told me all about which songs he likes best and what track number they are on the cd. After dropping him off I continued to listen to the cd for a bit, then when I picked him up in the afternoon the cd resumed where I left off. He got in the van and no exaggeration at all, the cd just started (when I say just started I mean maybe 2-3sec) and Aidan was able to name the tune and what track number it was on the cd. I was shocked and he does this with all sorts of music, reggae, jazz etc. He just has an ear for it. He's even able to name tunes on the radio. There was a time, he must have been maybe 3 when Norah Jones came out with a new cd. We hadn't heard it yet but the radio started playing one of her new songs. Just as the song began, Aidan said "that's Norah Jones" Max and I weren't sure if it was until the announcer came on and of course, Aidan was right. Is "Name That Tune" still on TV?, cause if it is I really should think about getting Aidan on it!

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