Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today is a sad day. Today I took our kitty cat Naomi to the SF SPCA for re-homing. We searched long and hard for a new home for her amongst our friends with no avail. So, today I returned her to the place we adopted her from 7 yrs ago. She's a lovely kitty, she just doesn't like kids. Prior to having kids, she loved to cuddle and sit on my lap, she played with Jeremy(our other kitty), and hunted flies and spiders in the house and just seemed overall pleased. After the kids arrived, especially the twins, she just became a different kitty, she retreated to spending most of her day sitting under the dining room table, stopped playing and hunting, lost weight, and began to redirect her distress(in the middle of the night) on just about everything she could scratch (rug, coffee table, furniture). She hissed and swatted at the kids when they came near her and a few time even scratched. It just became a very unpleasant situation that didn't seem fair to anyone. It was clear, she would be much happier in an adult only household.

Even though I think it was the right thing to do, I'm sad to have surrendered her and even more sad to see Jeremy looking for her. Naomi was Jeremy's companion and now she's gone and he knows it. It already feels different without her presence. I think we'll all be grieving for a while.

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