Sunday, August 24, 2008

Low Key, Low Budget, But Still Alot Of Work Birthday Party

I swore that I was going to keep the boys birthday parties, low key and low budget. Today was Aidan's party that was Dinosaur theme. So I painted a triceratops and made horns to play "Pin the horn on the triceratops" I painted a dinosaur theme cardboard setting and cut the dino faces out so the kids could have their photos taken as dinosaurs, I made what felt like a million cupcakes with frosting , sprinkles and topped off with dinosaurs. I put together dino themed favor bags and made tags that thanked our guest for making the day special. I set up a dino mask and dino bead/necklace making station and I even decorated our bathroom in dinosaurs for the event. Not much money was spent, in the ball park of maybe $180 but many hours were put into preparing for this event. So the moral is low budget, low key does not me "Low WorkLoad" too.

The kids had a great time and it really got wild after the cupcakes were consumed. Give about 10 kids some sugar and minutes later you have pandimonium...just totally out of control. The best part of all is that Aidan thought his party was a success....even though it was a simple backyard party. (photos to come)

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