Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grandma's visiting

Grandma arrived yesterday and I have to say the boys are just thrilled. They absolutely love all the attention grandma gives them...everyone of them! I have to say it surprises me. Of course we know Aidan is going to be thrilled, he's the first grandchild and has always been showered with grandma's love (and gifts) an obsessive kind of way, so of course he loves it and is thrilled when she visits. But, Liam and Miles are also thrilled, she reads to them and plays with them and showers them with attention (and some gifts) too, when Aidan's not in the spotlight, and they eat it up. Credit should be given, grandma is making an obvious attempt at being fair to all the kids (not a successful attempt, but an attempt). It is nice to see the boys have a such a sweet relationship with their grandma

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