Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Does Aidan have school spirit?

This week at Aidan's preschool is "Crazy Days Of Summer Week" sort of a school spirit week. I got a little excited for him, thinking, "oh he's going to love this" The week started off with crazy hair day. I borrowed some colored hairsprays from the neighbor and had planned just to put a dash of blue in his hair. Boy was I mistaken. He said no crazy hair day for him, his hair would be brown. That was the end of that conversation, he wanted nothing to do with it.

Today is pajama day, so I pulled out what I thought was his coolest pair of jammies that he might love wearing to shcool. A fun pair of dinosaurs, what boy wouldn't want to wear those to school right. Well, begrudgingly, Aidan is wearing them. But, I've had to listen to a long drawn out complaint about how upset he is about this. I'm hoping when he gets to school with his buddies in jammies too, he might be alot happier about this.

Hmmmm, who's spirit week is this really, Aidan's or mommy's?

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