Friday, August 22, 2008

Aidan's Birthday

Aidan turned 4 today. It sure was a special day for him. We celebrated with his request for pepperoni pizza and cheescake. Grandma and the neighbors (Finacoms) came over to sing "happy birthday"...what a thrill it was for him. Even more thrilling was his birthday presents, he sure got spoiled and I'm sure there's much more to come because his official birthday party is Sunday. The loot included this remote control dinosaur that had Liam absolutely stunned, Daddy caught Liam's expression on photo that if you had to translate it, said "What the Hell is that!" Had us just busting up over it.

The night ended with a little struggle to get Aidan to go to bed. What child wants to go to bed when they have a loot of new toys to play with. With a little encouragement and support form mommy and daddy letting him know we understand it's hard for fun days to come to an end he finally caved in and went to bed (with grandma of course).

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