Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year - 2009 a new start

Ok so I really blew my blog...yeah august was so long ago. No better time than now to start fresh. Max and I put the boys down for bed early on new years eve and stayed up to ring in the new year. We had dinner by ourselves and wondered why don't we do this more often. It was nice to sit and have dinner without any disturbance, no flying food, yelling, requests for milk etc. We decided our motto for 2009 would be "Health and Wealth" We would try to be healthier and try to save more so that we can take a big family trip in 2010, so that's our goal. But I also got to thinking what would I like to accomplish with the boys and myself personally this 2009 and here's a list I came up with:
with the boys
1. Do more arts and crafts with the boys
2. Visit the library regularly
3. Less TV (even if it is only educational dvd's they watch, I still feel it's gotten out of hand.
4. Have the boys work on clean up every night before bedtime
5. Speak Spanish more often
6. take more walks

1. explore more artistic activities for myself
2. focus more time on my etsy shop
3. shop less
4. declutter our home
5. eat healthier, eat less meat
6. stay in touch more often with friends and family
7. stop letting the mail pile up ( a huge source of stress for me, I know it sounds crazy)
8. and of course keep up with my blog :)
I'm thinking these goals should all be pretty easy to accomplish, time will tell. Good night.

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