Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Lorax - A Drama Camp Production

Aidan has been having a fabulous time at summer camp. This past two weeks was drama camp that ended with a Variety Show and a play, The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, performed for family and friends.

Aidan has always been a shy soul so I thought drama camp might be just the bit of medicine he needs to help bring him out of his shell. I was a little worried that this line of thought might actually backfire and work against us but, boy did he pleasantly surprise us.

He was part of the fashion show, where he strutted his stuff in baseball attire without any timid reservation. Following the Variety Show was their performance of The Lorax (a great story with an environmental message that's so fitting for the times, if you're not familiar with it you might want to give it a read). Aidan was part of the factory and once again enjoyed being in the spotlight without any signs of stage fright. Quite the opposite he was animated and obviously happy.

We had so much fun watching Aidan perform with all his summer camp friends. After several days of foggy cold weather, the skies cleared giving us a gift of gorgeous weather for the special day. Yay, to drama camp and a successful event!

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