Monday, July 5, 2010

Freedom To Have Fun

It was a nice long holiday weekend, with lots of fun to be had. We had a BBQ with good friends to celebrate 4th of July and a belated birthday celebration for myself.

Lots of yummy food and drinks, Max sure was the drink master that day, with fresh watermelon agua fresca, watermelon-cucumber-gin coolers and the yummiest margaritas of which I may have had one too many (smirk). Everyone seemed to have a good time even the 13 kids that were there. Yes, 13 kids ages 7 and under. They were great, running around playing together with only a few small mishaps and tears which is to be expected when you have that many kids in one place.

Max was very sweet to bring out the desserts with candles for me and everyone sang "happy birthday" And even though it was well passed my actual birthday, I hadn't had a chance to celebrate with friends so this truly was a sweet moment. Something I really did not expect but really enjoyed. I feel so fortunate to have such nice friends, family, and neighbors. It's moments like these that remind me how blessed we are to have the freedom we do. The freedom to consume what we want, wear what we want, have as many kids as we want, the freedom to have as much fun as we want!

I do hope you all enjoyed Independence Day as much as I did.

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