Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What We Like Wednesday: Gardening Tot

It never fails, every time I purchase a bundle of herbs, whether it be cilantro, basil, or thyme, I can never use the entire bunch before it turns into some stinky black mess, yuck! Because of this, I finally decided to plant my own herb garden so I can just snip what I need. I bought a few plants, some soil and dug out a hodge podge of containers from our basement. With a few handy helpers, I was able to set up an herb garden on our back deck in a jiffy.

Although all the boys really enjoy helping with gardening and yard work, playing with gardening tools, shoveling, raking, watering etc. I think my most invested helper is Liam. He really enjoys being out in the yard and helping with whatever task you give him. Gardening is the perfect way to teach the kids about respecting nature, mother earth, and where our food comes from.

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