Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break

I haven't forgotten about you dear blog.... I know a week has gone by without even a quick note. So sorry for the absence, but we've been enjoying ourselves here during our spring break. Time goes by so quickly when you're having a good time, that it seems I never even had a chance to visit.

It was a week of house guests and dinner guests, with fun trips to our favorite parks, to the zoo, our favorite kid friendly restaurants and a little shopping. Boys enjoyed their stomp rocket, tried out their new parachute guys (the Easter bunny brought them) played with friends and shared special moments with family.
We ended Spring Break with a bang. Saturday we had friends over who we hadn't seen in awhile. I prepared a fiesta meal: Seared skirt steak with chipotle, tomatillo and garlic sauce, honey lime shrimp, carnitas, a mango papaya salsa, guacamole and a pepper jack- black bean nachos. MMMMmmmm we ate like champs. Sunday we had take out Chinese food from one of our favorite locals.

Cheers to you all. Hope you all have been enjoying yourselves as well. It's time to get back on track. We'll see you soon.

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