Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Urban Farming: Our Neighbors The Chickens

Our neighbors across the street have become of great interest to the boys. They really enjoy going over there and visiting, especially when it comes time to looking for that special treat. I'm talking about the chickens the rooster and the baby chicks soon to be chickens too, they grow up so fast. Their owner Robin is just lovely too, and he's been so kind with the boys to share the whole urban farming experience with them. The biggest treat is when they get to check the coop for eggs. This last visit produced an extra large light blue egg that they were all fascinated with. Actually it created a whole scrimmage between them over who got to hold the egg, you would have thought it was golden.

Along with the chickens, he has a fabulous garden that has also sparked interest in the boys. Aidan was trying to guess what was growing on some of the plants which was a bit unfair to him I should add since he doesn't even know what some of them are. For instance, he was never going to guess tomatillo, not even part of his vocabulary. So truly it's made for a fun learning experience!

Yes, Miles has been there too but he's managed to escape the camera.

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