Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is it a Party You Want?

Insanity! Just realized I'm coordinating 4 parties in 2 weeks. TBB Halloween party tomorrow (yes I know I should be finishing up on some details or trying to get some sleep), Miles and Liam's last day at daycare/b-day party on the 29th, Aidan's kindergarten Halloween party on the 30th which of course I have taken it upon myself to coordinate/plan that event too (what was I thinking)! Finally on Nov 1st Miles and Liam's birthday party at home with friends and family. The good thing is I've purchased everything I need for all 4 parties. Now I just need to start putting treat bags and favors together and bake cupcakes just before the events. What's a mom to do when you want your kids to have good and memorable times?

Well I'm on a roll now, do you have a party you'd like me to plan for you? Just kidding!

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