Friday, October 23, 2009

Mmmm Baking, Yummy or Not??

We're having a Harvest Festival as a fundraiser event tomorrow at Aidan's school. It should be fun for the kids, there will be games, food and haunted house fun. Of course, I volunteered to provide a baked good for the fundraiser. Simple request, right? Shouldn't be a problem, I bake often. I decided this was something Aidan and I could do together. I found this recipe for Halloween blondies.

Aidan and I had fun together, putting the M&Ms on and eating them too (insert grin). But, something went horribly wrong, they came out salty and greasy. Not sure what happened. I'm pretty sure I used the right amount of butter, I'm certain it was unsalted. I felt terrible when I had to tell Aidan they were bad. The look of disappointment on his face just pulls at me. If that weren't bad enough I now had to whip something else up to deliver to the bake sale coordinator house tonight at a decent hour (this gave me approximately an hour). So I went into "think quick, what do I have mode" oatmeal and some Halloween M&Ms...whaalaaa.

I quickly made 2 dozen oatmeal M&M cookies, let them cool just a bit, stacked them with wax paper in between so they wouldn't stick, called over the neighbor to watch the boys for 10 minutes (hubby was out) while I ran them over. Phew!! Got them to her house at 8:52, half an hour later than I would have liked but all in all not absurdly late.

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