Sunday, April 17, 2011

In common

Surgery, construction, new Mac, I say. What do they have in common you ask? Well these are what have kept me from blogging the past few weeks. After recovering from yet another procedure on my bladder, it was time for the jack hammers to start. No not on my bladder, but our home...and because the racket has been more than we could bear, we've been spending the days away from home, coming home on time to make a quick dinner and then begin the bedtime routine.

We also got a new Mac and I've been finding the need to make the transition from PC to Mac daunting. Every night I've been telling myself "tonight I'll sit down to figure this out (you know downloading pics, etc)". I just end up shying away from it, telling myself, I'll do it tomorrow. Suddenly, weeks have gone by and my poor blog has gone neglected.

Soon our Spring break will be over, the construction should be finished in a couple more weeks, I'll have had plenty of time to get comfortable with my new friend Mac, and my blog will be happy to see me again. I'll have lots to share with you. Until then, I hope you're all doing well.

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