Friday, April 29, 2011

First A's Game for Aidan

Aidan is at his first A's game today with his Dad and pals from his little league team. Of course I had to buy him an A's hat to wear for the occasion. I gave it to him this afternoon before he left, he was so pleased about it. I just love those Mom moments when you know you've thrilled your child with a thoughtful gift or action. It's hard not to feel great when you see your child really happy. I got to have one of those moments today as they left for the game.

They left early to attend a tailgate party, barbecue and drinks. This was going to be a day of firsts for him, first game, first tailgate party, and apparently his first Coke too. OK, so these are the kind of things that happen when Mom isn't around. Dad indulges the kid with a coke. I'm sure I'll be hearing more about how this happened when they get home. Dad reported via text that Aidan took a few sips and handed it back, saying "It burns Dad". This is good news, sounds like I won't be having any future struggles with Aidan asking for the contraband Phew!

The other first that's happening tonight that I've neglected to mention is, he's staying out late with friends. This is a really late night for him as he's usually in bed for the most part by 8pm, no later than 8:30 and we usually call that a late night. For those kind of late nights he's home and we've let him stay up a bit later to finish reading a book he's engrossed in. A late night out at a game with friends has me a bit concerned about what I might have to look forward to in the morning. I'll be praying for a smooth morning with no meltdowns or drama. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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