Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

I just finished reading "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon" to my boys. A friend had recommended this read and I'm always interested in introducing Chinese folklore to my kids. So, although its recommended for kids a bit older than mine I decided to take the plunge and read it to them. It was fine for my boys, nothing too scary or provocative. This is a story of fantasy and adventure that does and excellent job of interweaving folklore throughout the tale.

My kids were thoroughly engrossed in the stories, constantly asking questions. As boys, they were most interested in the dragon. However, I love how this tale's main character is a girl, Minli, and has such a positive girl message. Something I don't often think about since I have three boys however, realize it's not only important for our daughters to receive these messages, it's important for our sons as well. Especially, since my boys are going through that "Ewwww girls!" phase. My youngest even had to ask several times, "Minli is a girl?" As if in disbelief, how is it that this cool heroine is a is that possible. Silly boys!

Not only is this a story of adventure it is a story with a message about the bonds of family, and the perilous nature of envy, jealousy, and want. Grace Lin weaves a tale that substantiates how our role as a parent and our every action influences our children's view of themselves in the world. Definitely a sweet read about the truth of happiness that I'm sure I will be reading to my boys again and will definitely be exploring other books by Grace Lin.

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