Saturday, March 26, 2011


Today was Aidan's school walk-a-thon, which went on rain or shine. Aidan really had his heart set on going so, despite the pouring rain this morning we roughed it and went. We arrived to a pretty big crowd, lots of wet folks. Upon arriving, I could see it in the parents faces that we would all rather be in the comfort of warm and dry homes but the kids, no complaints at all, they were enjoying themselves. So as good parents, and supporters of our local public school, we braved the weather and cheered on our kids.

Aidan like many of the others was intent on earning his t-shirt for walking 10k. Many of the conversations I overheard went like this "But mom , I just need one more lap for my t-shirt", "We can't go yet, I haven't earned my t-shirt" Our conversation with Aidan was no different. We were ready to go when he was at lap 5 (each lap a 1k) but he was in no way going to let us go. The good thing was he earned 2 free laps, one for an extra credit project and 1 freebie for showing up early when the rain was at its worst. Aidan finished his 8k or 5 miles. Hooray to him!

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