Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Opening Ceremony: Entering the World of Little League

This past weekend we attended the opening ceremony for Aidan's Little League. The boys have taken different sporting classes but this is our first real organized team sport. We're all pretty excited about it, especially Aidan. He's thrilled to be on a team and just loves wearing his uniform. If it ended at that then I'd be OK but, truth be told I'm a bit concerned about the time commitment this entails, weekly practice sometimes even 2 times a week, games every Sunday. Practice is late enough in the day that I'll need to drag his brothers with us and will inevitably end up having to entertain them while we're there. I'm afraid it just might end up being more than I bargained for. Well, got to set those concerns asides, slap a smile on my face and be that supportive mom out there. Here's to hoping for a fabulous season for those Red Sox!

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