Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Battle Lesson

My boys have been playing battle quite a bit these days. So this morning they were at it again, with their foam swords, hats, masks and what ever other costumes they have concocted as battle gear. Their battle conversation went like this

Liam (4yrs) to Aidan (6yrs): You stole from the golden monkey. I have come to catch you because you steal!

Miles(4yrs) says: Yeah you steal!

Aidan's comeback: Well, You judge people by their color!

Although we teach the kids often about diversity and not judging others by their color, I was surprised to hear this as Aidan's insult...accusation of a crime come out of his mouth during battle. It's sort of a weird proud parent moment to know my kid gets it, we are all equal.

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  1. Great post; it's so cool to witness kids as they grow & understand bigger concepts!



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