Sunday, January 2, 2011

Not Resolutions, Maybe " To Do"

I have a huge mind block when it comes to resolutions. Even just hearing the word is anxiety producing for me. So, until I find a way to overcome this mind block, I'm going to call this list a "To Do" list for 2011, not resolutions. Then, just maybe I'll succeed.

1. Grow my hair out, once and for all. I've had my hair short for years now but recently the boys have asked on several occasions "Why do you have boy hair?" and have made statements to the effect that I look like a boy. I always respond with, "I like my hair short". But, now they've got me I'd like to grow it out and it just might take me all of 2011 since my hair grows so slow.

2. Declutter and get organized. This seems to be on the list every year, just goes to show you how deep that mental block runs. The truth is I'm a bit of a hoarder, I just have a hard time parting with stuff. You know, you just might need it later. Gotta learn to let go.

3. Embrace "green" living. We do plenty around here to live green but I don't feel like we've fully embraced it. I'm positive there's a lot more we can do to decrease our carbon footprint and reduce our consumption.

4. Keep up with date nights. Daddy and I have been so absorbed with parenting and just keeping up with the day to day living that we've been guilty of not setting time aside for us and honestly just not having the "get up and go" that we use to have. With the boys getting older and being a bit more self reliant we've got a bit more energy now. Most recently we've established some regular baby sitters so there's no excuse not to have more date nights.

2011, I'm not asking for much. So show me what you've got and please be kind to me.

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