Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm amazed at the amount of homework that is assigned to my 1st grader...and sometimes I'm also a bit resentful because it cuts into family time. Even though it's all pretty easy for Aidan, he insists that I be there right with him while he does it. Somehow I'm going to have to cut him loose and have him work on it maybe at the kitchen counter as I complete some of my own tasks.

I usually try to get Aidan to do his homework before we pick up his brothers in attempts to reduce the distractions. We aren't always successful with this so the next best option is to have Miles and Liam do homework too. Miles especially really enjoys this, as a matter of fact, he often requests to do homework. I'm glad he sees it as a game an has fun with it. I sure do hope he feels the same about it when he's in elementary school and has real homework that needs to be turned in.

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