Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Family With "Real" Games

I had no idea and neither did Aidan for that matter, that it was no longer cool to play Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders once you reached 1st grade. It was only brought to our attention when Aidan had a play date with one of his classmates, EJ, and Aidan suggested playing a board game. EJ asked what game and Aidan suggested one of the above. To our surprise, EJ informed us in a tone that suggested major taboo, that those were "baby" games. A quick scan of the boxes, identifying the games as "Classic Preschool Games" and games for ages 3+ should have been a clue that yes indeed, a 7 yr old 1st grader might describe them as "baby" or at least "preschooler" games. What was I thinking?? I guess we'd had so much fun playing these games that it never occurred to me that it was time to move forward to what EJ, our enlightened guest, informed us were "real games".

Were we the only ones in the dark about this? Or did you know "real games?", games were games such as Sorry, Trouble, Monopoly and Battleship. Well after this major faux pas, we made sure to let Santa know that it was time we have some "real games" I'm sure you can guess, what Santa brought the boys this Christmas: Sorry, Trouble, and HedBanz. We've been playing them non-stop and everyone is having so much fun.

Aidan was really excited to introduce Sorry to one of his best buddies yesterday during a play date. They had lots of fun playing and it was obvious that Aidan now felt he was a "pillar of society". Needless to say, we are now a family that plays "real games"

1 comment:

  1. when my kids were babies they loved games- even as grown up's they still do!

    thank you so much kika for the kind words you left my way on my blog- i can't tell you how much i appreciate
    wishing you and your family the sweetest blessings for the new year.



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