Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Forty Fifteen

Remember those days when you went off to college and everyone warned you about the "freshman fifteen", you know the 15 pounds you gained eating that high carb dorm food and all those late night sessions of overindulging on hops and barley. I clearly remember those warnings.

What I don't remember is anyone warning me about the "forty fifteen". You know the fifteen pounds you gain the same year you turn 40. I'm not sure where I was during that memo but I sure wish I had been present. 2010 was the year both Daddy and I turned 40 as well as the year we both gained approximately 15 pounds give or take a few. OK let's be honest, take a few from me and give a few to Daddy (even though he's in strong denial).

And so, 2010 and the holidays for that matter, are long over and we're left to still deal with our Santa-shapes....or maybe Daddy is dealing with his Santa-shape and I'm more of a full bottomed snowman. Whichever the case, it's not a good look and it's time to deal with it. For those of you who haven't known us long, Daddy and I have always been the long lean body type who never really had weight issues, not even during the freshman fifteen days, so this now is quite the eye-opener.

Now that we've come to terms that yes indeed the horse power in our metabolism has petered out, is it's now time to change our habits and join the throng of people in search of fitness. However, our current dilemma is deciding on a gym. While Daddy would like to get more bang for his buck, I would prefer something with more of a family vibe. You know the kind, a gym disguised in a country club, something that's child friendly, has a swimming pool and maybe even a snack bar. Daddy's just not buying this idea so at the moment I guess I'll rely on power walking and work out videos and hope to lose this forty fifteen before the summer.

As for all of you who are about to turn forty, let this be a warning to you...beware of the "forty fifteen".

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