Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What We Like Wednesday: Daddy Our Hero

I've been thinking about Father's Day already so I'll continue with that thought and dedicate this Wednesday to our hero "Daddy". We absolutely love Daddy. One of his greatest qualities is that he is definitely a "take charge" kind of person who gets things done. You can count on him to follow through until the task is done. He's got lots of other great qualities and some not so good ones too, but this one is definitely shining right now.

If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that we recently had a most unfortunate event with grandma while on vacation in Spain. "Daddy",(Max) took charge and had every detail outlined and taken care of with a few delegations to me, mostly some translation and phone calls. But he made sure that every particular point had been taken care of. His follow through and attention to detail is one I'm most impressed with, whether it was dealing with medical care, support for grandpa, or the small stuff like cancelling their newspaper delivery, you could be assured that he'd already thought of it and outlined exactly how it would be taken care of. I know in an earlier post I said there were no heroes to this event but I've decided I need to take that back. Daddy truly is our HERO.

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