Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I've been lost in the abyss of end of school activities but I've come out to celebrate my b-day! Today I turned 40! It's so hard to believe...where has the time gone....and how did I become middle-aged.

It's been a fun day with lots of love from family and friends who have indulged me today with yummy breakfast, a tasty mocha, my favorite Mexican food for dinner and de-lish tiramisu. Gotta love them!

I did have a nice moment to myself this morning. I sat with a cup of coffee (my favorite thing to do) and reflected on the joys of my life, what my life has become and all the things I've learned about myself in these 40 years. Not to say that my life has been all joy because that's not true, I've just decided not to spend energy going to those places.

Some thoughts that came to mind:

I can be a bit fickle about the things I like but have always loved the color orange

I love the act of giving, every step of the way, from the picking of a gift, to the wrapping and seeing the expression on the one who receives it.

I'm really not that fond of technology but am doing my best to embrace it(blogging has been a huge leap for me)

I still love snail mail as long as it's not junk mail

I have little tolerance for naivete or for the insincere and no longer make any space for it. My life is too precious to waste on such nonsense.

It's important to plan for the future, my future, my family's future. It would be a shame to just sit back and wait to see what happens when I can make choices right now.

Life is good, I've surrounded myself with loving, caring friends and family, this makes me happy

I'm pretty pleased with where I've been and how far I've come....and I'm ready to enjoy my 40's!

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  1. happy birthday!
    you have a
    beautiful family!



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