Thursday, June 17, 2010

Growing Up, He Graduated Today

Yes my little boy graduated from kindergarten today....( weird I don't think we had graduation ceremonies for kindergarten in my time) there was a sweet ceremony followed by a pizza and cupcake party.

You could feel the excitement in the room, the kids knew this was their big moment, a right of passage. Soon they would no longer be kindergartners. The crowd of parents arrived and shortly after we began the ceremony. The kids were excited to wear their caps they had made along with the twenty-two tassels I made (phew! glad that one's over) and we, the parents, were so excited to see them wearing them. Each child got to stand up front to receive their diploma and say what they liked best about the school year. My Aidan said,

"I liked doing the 'hard' math best"

Mommy and Daddy were so proud. So silly, you would have thought he was graduating from Harvard, but it really did feel like a huge milestone had been reached. Our little boy is growing up, developing his sense of self, exploring his like and dislikes and joined in the world (cruel as it may be) of social rankings. It's been fun to watch, how he's handed out his phone number to a classmate (really, he's 5), invited kids to his birthday party even though his birthday is still months away, started making a guest list for play dates..all of this just makes me take a step back and as 1."who is this??", and 2."wow, he really is growing up"

I'm sure you've guessed already that I missed Artful Thursday unless of course you count the small treat bags I made for the kids at 1am, LOL! Yes I was manically putting together the kids treats and Aidan's gift in the wee hours of the night(or morning). I simply made some treat bags filled with kisses and Swedish fish tied with fun argyle ribbon and a tag I made. I wrote "Way To Go" figured those were all sight words the kids should be able to read.

And for Aidan, we gave him a some books (summer reading) and a watch. A grown up watch with a face on it. He was so pleased. Congratulations, Aidan we are so proud of you!

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  1. they grow up so fast- enjoy each sweet moment.

    I would say that the treat bags do count for your artful thursday project- they are very sweet and creative.



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