Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What We Like Wednesdays: Move Over Thomas

Move over Thomas there's a new guy in town... and his name is Lightening McQueen. Well, I think my boys may have finally moved on from Thomas and his friends. This has been a phase I thought would never end. But, it seems they are now hooked on Cars (Thanks, Uncle Jess I blame you for this one). Not just any old cars but the Cars from Disney. Their Uncle bought them a track set with a set of cars that they were just thrilled with. And because truth be told, I do enjoy indulging them from time to time, I decided over Spring break to surprise them with the movie as a special treat. It's been a snowball effect since then...all we hear about now is Cars.

Although, I'm generally a Disneyphobe, I have to admit, Cars has a well delivered moral that was perfect especially for my oldest (5 1/2 yrs old). After the film we got to discuss with the boys why helping a friend was more important than winning. It was clear it left Aidan a bit puzzled but he was also clearly thinking about it. So, for now I'll endure this phase and during their play when they act out the piston cup race, I will continue to remind them the moral of the story.

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