Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You Are My BFF

Kids say the sweetest things.... Tonight at the dinner table, Aidan said to me, " Mommy you're my best friend" I was so touched. The conversation went like this...

Aidan: "Mommy You're my best friend"

Me: "Aww Aidan that is so nice to hear, thank you"

Aidan: "Yeah you're my best friend because you play trains with me and other games like rhyming games....and you make me dinner"

Me: "I like playing with you Aidan, and I make dinner and take care of you because I love you."

Aidan: "yeah, that's why you're my best friend."

It's moments like these that remind me how wonderful it is to be a mommy. Because as all mommies know, there are some days that are so challenging ( tantrums, whining) that just make me want to hide under the covers...those days are erased when I hear sweet words like these from my boys.

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