Monday, March 9, 2009

These Are The Loveys

It's funny that I don't recall ever having a "lovey", something I was so attached to that I had to have it with me at all times or at least at bedtime. And of course we all know about "loveys", so I don't really understand why it surprises me that my boys all have one...but they do. They are all so different, and each one has a different level of attachment. It makes me think it must have some deep meaning that I just can't comprehend.

So let me introduce to you, the "loveys" ....

Aidan's lovey is a small baby quilt I made for him, that looks more and more ragged as time goes by. I actually cringe every time I wash it in fear that it's going to fall apart. Aidan must have this blankee with him at bedtime, there is no substitution for it as I have painfully found out. I made the mistake once of washing it and not getting it into the dryer on time to be ready for bedtime. The meltdown was so severe that I actually ended up letting him sleep with a slightly damp lovey (yuck I felt bad about it).

Miles' lovey is a stuffed snowman, he calls "baby snowman". He has different degrees of attachment to this snowman. There are days when he has to have it with him at all times, at the dining room table, in the car, bedtime etc. and there are days when he's willing to leave "baby snowman" in his crib to wait for him at bedtime. This "baby snowman" brings him great joy that is evident by the huge smile on his face when he caresses it. There have been times when he's struggling (or more like I'm struggling) with his diaper change, I give him his lovey and all calms down. After the wet blanket incident with Aidan, I make sure to wash and dry this lovey during down times.

Liam's lovey fluctuates between two footballs. However, he leans towards one most, it's a small football with Pixar's "Cars" characters on it. Now Liam has never seen the movie "Cars" so he doesn't know what the characters represent. Honestly I think the attachment is about the tags that are attached to the ball. I often find him in his crib stroking and tugging at the tags. We have misplaced this lovey a few times and Liam is sometimes (and only sometimes) is happy to fall back on his backup ball which is a nerf like mini football in green and aqua. Don't let me fool you, although he doesn't seem that attached to his lovey, and at times he'll go a couple of days without it, when he fixates on having it, you quickly realize the weight this lovey holds. And because he likes to carry it around and toss it here and there, it easily gets misplaced. Come bedtime, it must be found or suffer the wrath of Liam.

Although these "loveys" bring joy and security to the boys, I have to admit they at times bring anxiety and resentment to mommy (me). Having to keep track of and take care of these loveys is a big chore. You can only imagine the sense of panic that consumes me when I think one has been lost or damaged (like the time Liam lost his lovey in Target!). For now, I'll continue to care for these loveys and support my boys love (need??) for them.

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