Thursday, March 5, 2009

Library Time...Reading Time

We have focused quite a bit of energy towards instilling the love for books in the boys. Besides having lots of books in our home and reading to them everyday, several times a day, we also spend time at the library. Today was a "library time" day for Liam and Miles. They really enjoy being there and flipping through books, asking me to read to them, and playing with the felt board. Today they got to choose two books each, and one for Aidan since he wasn't with us.

Aidan and Miles really love their books and spend lots of time reading. Liam not so much, he prefers drawing/coloring. Though, Liam is vigilant about making sure several books are read at bedtime. Even on those most tired nights when you just want to sneak them to bed with a quick board book, Liam demands "one more book" several times until you've read at least three.

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